No. We use these two genres only as  modalidades apenas como plataforma para falar do estereótipo de violência associado aos games.
Gamers can exalt their pride, revealing that empathy in our community can make a difference.
The event tangibilizes our speech of union and turns the movement into something real. Besides being a successful practice in the midst of games and eSports, it's a way to unite the gamer community in one place.
At Mauro Pinheiro Gym, located at 1300 Abílio Soares Street - Paraíso, São Paulo - SP, 04001-001.
Its purpose will be to end the donation cycle and celebrate the gaming meeting.
Yes, everything can change in the following years and we are always open to suggestions.
On December 22nd, 2018.
3 major attractions: a Fortnite match between celebrities and the public, a CS: GO showmatch between 2 celebrity teams and the grand finale: a match between 2 great teams made up of professional CS: GO athletes.
No. Tickets guarantee your participation in the event, while donations will be encouraged during the 5 months of the campaign, including on the event day.  
By visiting the website or the Kickante platform.
Reinforce the main axes of education and social assistance of the 8 socio-educational programs of Liga Solidária, which speak to the positive values of games such as teamwork, cognitive development and empathy.
We both understand that preconceptions, in general, are a reality that to a greater or lesser extent impacts the lives of the more than 10,000 children, adolescents, adults and elderly people benefited by Liga's social programs and educational citizenship.
The amount raised will be donated to educational initiatives and programs of Liga Solidária.
Games are fun, entertainment, cognition, intellectual and social development, and part of an industry with numerous professionals. But not everyone sees it that way.
Many people still don't understand the positive impact of games on society, industry and in people's lives.
For you, gamer, no matter what is your gaming style.
Going beyond the boundaries of our own scenario, our movement unite gamers for a common good: fighting stereotypes in every instance, doing good to thousands of people.
Our community has a lot of empathy. This can be seen when we check the donations on streaming platforms, for example. With gamers united, the power to change can be very expressive.
Currently, shooting games are more popular and relevant than any other genres of violent games.
In 2018, the goal is to fight against prejudice and stereotypes related to shooting games, such as "shooting games make people more violent."
Our fight is against all types of prejudice, inside and outside the gaming world. Our charitable donations campaign will allocate funds to Liga Solidária, which, in essence, also fights against prejudice.
A charity campaign with 5 months of fundraisers, from August to December 2018, that will end on a high note with a great event on 12/22/2018.
As a reference in the country in collective financing in Brazil, it will be the platform where donations will be collected and administered.
The cause is about all types of gamers, including eSports professionals and lovers.    
Go For Gaming is a movement created by gamers that seeks to eradicate stereotypes and preconceptions towards gamers. 


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